Client Introduction

Our client is a prominent global pharmaceutical company with a distinguished presence in the industry

Business Requirement

The client wants a website tool that can take a survey form and make a new survey from it. It should also create special links for people to take the survey, keep track of how the survey is going, and let us download the responses.

The Knowledge Lens Solution

The proposed solution encompasses the following key functionalities:

  1. Parsing and Preservation of Survey Document Content:
    The system will read the Survey Word document containing questions and rules, and subsequently parse and store this information for further use.
  2. Presentation and Customization of Survey Content:
    The solution will present the survey questions along with their associated rules in an appropriate format, enabling users to make necessary modifications as required.
  3. Management of Survey Participant Details:
    The system will facilitate the uploading of Survey Participant lists, ensuring the generation of unique, live survey links for each participant.
  4. Implementation of Multilingual Support:
    The solution will feature a comprehensive implementation of multi-language support for live surveys to cater to a diverse participant base.
  5. Data Retrieval in Various Formats:
    The system will provide a provision for users to download survey response data in popular formats such as CSV and SAV, enhancing data accessibility and compatibility.

Management of Survey Participant Details under a unified platform
Report in various Formats

Key Benefits

  • No More Middlemen: Bid farewell to third-party survey creation.
  • Swift Updates: Easily refine questions and rules; upload for instant improvements.
  • Language Diversity: Craft multi-language surveys from one project.
  • Progress Insights: Keep a watchful eye on survey advancements.


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