Client introduction

Among the most successful biotechnology companies in the world, our client is a values-driven company deeply rooted in science and innovation in order to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses.

Problem Statement

  • The existing system for incoming clinical trial data from multiple vendors struggles to process the high volume of data it receives on a daily basis.
  • Manual validation is required before and after extraction, which is time consuming and error prone.
  • The average load took two days to complete and was able to process 15 TB of data per month.

The Knowledge Lens Solution

  • Established Enterprise Data Lake on Cloud platform 
  • Implemented necessary ETL operations for medical clinical trial data ingestion.
  • A dedicated team was formed for managed services, aiding data loading and enhancements.


AWS | Databricks | Airflow | Spotfire 


  • Improved data loading and system efficiency
  • Monthly data processing capacity was increased to 25TB on average.
  • Automated validation saved time and reduced errors.


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