Client Introduction

A global provider of Life Science products and innovative solutions for Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Agrochemical, and Industrial customers, our client offers innovative, cost-effective and high-quality products and solutions tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Problem Statement

  • The lack of a centralized database and the inability to analyze data in real time proved to be a major roadblock to achieve industrial excellence.
  • Due to the absence of a self-driven Industry 5.0 tool, it was almost impossible to visualize and optimize the power plant’s performance, and calculation of efficiency in real-time was not possible without an Industry 4.0 solution.
  • Since no IoT solution was available, it was impossible to monitor steam production, consumption, electricity generation, and loss calculation in real time.
  • An analysis of the root cause of the efficiency drop, and the steam loss was not possible prior to our introduction.
  • The lack of system-generated reports contributed significantly to the time required by operators to prepare numerous reports and logbooks.
  • Preventive maintenance and alerts for critical equipment such as ID Fan, FD Fan, Boiler feed pump, and Turbine were not available.


  • In order to understand the status of all assets, a digital twin of all assets was created.
  • Calculation and visualization of boiler and turbine efficiency in real-time to understand the equipment status.
  • Monitoring the performance of critical assets such as the economizer, the HP heater, and so forth in order to identify the reasons for the drop in efficiency.
  • Monitoring steam flow throughout the steam distribution network as well as real-time visualizations of steam generation and consumption to determine where energy is being lost.
  • An automated system generated logbook and reports to ensure 100% data transparency, as well as a controllable parameter range recommendation to achieve optimal performance.
  • An early warning system is in place to prevent the unwanted breakdown of any critical assets.
Boiler Management Dashboard

Business Benefits

  • Boiler efficiency improved upwards of ~5%.

  • Total of 9-12% cost savings was achieved.

  • Boiler performance rating(steam kg per kg of fuel ) improved up to 4.25 on 5.

  • Improved levels of worker & environment safety achieved.

  • Cost savings of ~ $200K per annum.


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