Client Introduction

Our client is an Industrial giant, whose sphere of influence stretches across the steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Problem Statement

  • Unavailability of Incremental Data from Production Server (L2) for analytics.
  • Unavailability of Structured Data for Bottleneck Identification.
  • The utilization of manpower for maintaining manual records for reporting.
  • The health status reports for assets were not available.

Our Solution

  • An IIoT gateway was installed to establish connectivity to fetch and publish data.
  • An Intelligent Industrial App to view the data on the real-time basis via dashboards and visualizations.
  • Provided insights into the opportunity loss by defining KPIs based on actual and standard process times.
  • We implemented features that allow Digital Logbooks to get data directly from respective controllers.
  • Reports on the shift-wise health status of key assets were provided.
Hourly Consumption for Plate Mill Process

Business Benefits

  • The shift in charge was able to save eight hours per day that they previously spent on deriving data from multiple data sources (e.g. from PLCs, IBAs, and Level 2).
  • As their challenge was to interact with an older system, the Project Enabled Industry 5.0 solution to establish connectivity with the L2 Production Server.
Process Control reporting for Plate Mill

Adoption of Solution in Day to Day Reporting

  • The team started referring to the Opportunity Loss report on a daily basis to determine areas of improvement & accountability for the same.
  • Team Started Referring to the Asset Healthiness Report to take the predictive actions.


With our Intelligent App Suite, Industries can now operate more efficiently, achieve higher quality production, and improve safety while embarking on their path to Digital Transformation. For more information about our solution offerings, contact us at

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