Client Introduction

Our client is an international beverage company, with operations in more than 200 countries and territories and more than 500 brands. They are also the country’s premier beverage company, offering consumers a wide variety of healthy, safe, high quality, refreshing beverages.

Problem Statement

  • Our client had an existing ECRS (E-Continuous Replenishment System) application for managing orders and distributors across India.
  • In order to enhance the functionality of the ECRS application and host it on the cloud for greater scalability and stability, the Business team sought to upgrade the application. A key objective of this modernization process was to increase distributor collaboration, increase visibility & improve the user experience by offering functionalities such as self-service ordering, 360-degree inventory visibility, ILS/Pallet visibility, and automated signing off of half-yearly ledger balances.

Our Solution

  • We modernized the ECRS application using the latest Angular UI framework, and  divided the back-end monolithic service into several microservices to match the functionality of the individual services.
  • Azure Kubernetes was used in the deployment of the application to host the user interface and the relevant microservices.
  • Application leverages various cloud features like the usage of application gateway for the web application security and load balancing  to organize the deployable artifacts.
  • Application source code was organized and bundled in Azure DevOps to manage SVN, CI/CD pipeline & deployment.
  • Upgraded the database and moved it to Azure SQL, which provided scalability.
  • Application data integration leveraged iPaaS service as data transfer layer to communicate between on-premise data sources and Azure cloud data source.
Order Taking Portal

Technology Stack

Informatica | ASP .NET | Kubernetes |Docker |   iPaaS | Azure Cloud

Key Features

  • Modernized MEP Order Management System ECRS application has enabled Distributor Collaboration, increased Visibility & Improved User Experience.
  • The modern ECRS application includes features such as Self Service ordering, 360-degree inventory visibility, ILS / pallet visibility, and automated half-year ledger balance verification.
  • Modernized ECRS systems act as Self-Service Portal for Distributors to perform AR/COL  statements & sign off activities online. This has eliminated manual print & courier of  statements for sign off, hence increasing the productivity of the Business AR team.
  • Through ECRS modernization, distributors were able to maximize their primary fill rate and order compliance, as well as to be more accountable for their stock by having greater visibility and self-ordering capabilities. 
  • Modernized app provided user-friendly UX design with the portal device support.
Order Management Portal – Summary
Area Sales Manager with Sales Tweaking Feature


  • Enabled 3500+ distributors and 90+ agents across India 
  • Effective inventory management and reporting
  • Efficient ordering system with auto suggested orders
  • Area sales manager enablement with sales tweaking feature


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