Client Introduction

The client is a $3B cement roofing company that has provided comprehensive building solutions and has achieved market leadership by developing and marketing the most sustainable, relevant, high quality, and innovative products that are future-ready and high quality.

Problem Statement

  • Sales insights and performance indicators were not available in real-time, which hampered effective decision-making, production planning, logistics, and financial planning.
  • A lack of efficient inventory management resulted in frequent stock-outs, lost sales, and high holding costs, which necessitates optimizing inventory levels. Further, it was necessary to improve pricing strategies and discounting techniques in order to achieve maximum profitability.


  • Highly scalable and distributed ingestion framework for full and incremental data refreshes without impact on source data systems
  • Prebuilt data models and KPIs for sales, customer demographics, dealers, social content analysis and inventory data from all channels 
  • Rule Engine for generating business alerts on sales events for real-time decisions
  • AI Models for Sales forecasting, Inventory optimization and Price Recommendation  
  • 100+ self-service Power BI dashboards for the Sales and Distribution KPIs with inbuilt role-based access control and security
Forecasting sales, inventory optimization, and price recommendations for  improvement in margins and deal structures  and savings from inventory optimization
Forecasting sales, inventory optimization, and price recommendations

Business Benefits

  • 30% increased cross sell opportunities
  • 20% improvement in margins and deal structures 
  • 10-15% savings from inventory optimization 


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