Client Introduction

Our client is a renowned Indian company with a longstanding reputation for excellence in steel, power, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure. Their coal and iron-ore mines provide the resources they need to produce steel and power.

Problem Statement

The client’s operations and executive teams used to manually generate Power BI reports by downloading data from SAP HANA, RDBMS, and Excel, resulting in a time-consuming and error-prone process. The client requires an end-to-end automation solution to construct Data Lake for BI consumption


  • Developed an Enterprise Data Lake based on open source technology and designed it to serve as the central hub for all data processing in the company.
  • In contrast to ingesting data into multiple RDBMS, all data was ingested into one Data Lake.
  • Provided end users with secure access to perform analysis.
  • In order to enable future scaling and eliminate SAP dependency, performed the required transformations in Data Lake and built the final reporting tables.
  • Transformed existing Power BI reports by supporting Data Transformations.
Self Service Analytics Dashboards


Azure Data Factory | Azure Synapse Analytics |  Databricks | Big Data Cluster Administration

Business Benefits

  • Single Data Source: Data Lake was enforced as a single source of verity.
  • Real-time Data analytics: ¬†Enabled plant personnel to make informed decisions based on L1 (OT) data.
  • Canned Reports: Provided business users with canned reports.
  • Self Service Analytics:¬†Data Engineers and marketing teams were able to slice-and-dice data and generate dashboards on their own, resulting in efficient self-service analytics.
  • Data Governance:Achieved enhanced data governance by ensuring proper data governance and security across stakeholders.


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