Client Introduction

Allied with a strong commitment to values, our Client brings together scientific expertise and innovation to develop life-saving medicines for patients suffering from severe ailments.

Problem Statement
  • A lack of efficient analysis of bioreactor processes at different stages of new medicines development.
  • A limited analysis of medicines’ markets and medical representatives’ performances.
  • A strong reliance on conventional data processing technologies (RDBMS) poses challenges as data formats and sizes grow, making them more challenging to handle.
  • A rise in licensing costs for RDBMS and an increase in data processing time.
  • The inadequacy of the existing systems for processing unstructured and semi-structured data.
  • Developed and implemented an open-source Enterprise Data Lake to serve as the company’s central data processing hub.
  • Streamlined data ingestion by integrating all sources onto the Data Lake instead of multiple RDBMSs.
  • Provided secure access to end users, enabling them to conduct effective analysis.
  • Custom dashboards were developed to enhance data visualization and user experience.
  • Facilitated seamless integration with diverse third-party reporting tools, allowing efficient report generation.
Technology Architecture

Python | Spark | Cloudera (CDH) | AWS S3 | Airflow | Redshift | Hadoop | Big Data Cluster Administration.

Business Benefits
  • A centrally located and real-time platform for data analysis has proven to be a key benefit for the organization.
  • Reductions in costs were significant, with expenses being reduced to only 1/35th of what they had been previously.
  • Leveraged the power of predictive analysis capabilities.
  • With the help of easy plugins, the integrated platform is seamlessly integrated with advanced analytical and standard visualization tools.
  • Achieved near real-time processing of large volumes of data for improved efficiency and decision-making.

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