Client Introduction

Our client is a leading global pharmaceutical and life sciences company. Their requirement was to integrate their IT network with their industrial systems on a centralized platform, with capabilities for real-time monitoring and analysis of their production performance. They also wished to secure their industrial systems from any extraneous interferences. 

Solution Overview

  • Leveraging the UnifyTwin platform, we migrated their data from multiple industrial systems onto a single, centralized platform for real-time monitoring and analysis. The platform is equipped with dashboards that provide live updates from the industrial systems, over 10 second intervals.
  • We also provided additional intelligence capabilities for anomaly detection, with insights on their KPIs such as machine performance, production consumption and inventory details. 
  • Furthermore, we provided them with an in-house data diode solution, that allowed for one-way traffic, blocking interference to their industrial systems from external sources. This proved to be an industrial-grade security solution that has secured their industrial systems and data. 
  • We also correlated their energy data with machine data to accelerate actionable insights with regard to their production performance. 


  • Our client now has a real-time data logging system that is automatically updated with the latest data points every 10 seconds. All significant parameters are captured in graphs that can scale up to a month’s worth of data. 
  • They are now equipped with a centralized monitoring and analysis platform that houses data from several different industrial systems and sources. The data diode solution ensures that external security threats to the platform are blocked. 
  • They are also equipped with a real-time alerting system that provides notifications in the case of production error/ failure. 

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