Client Introduction & Business Requirements:

Our client is a multinational beverages company offering over 500 brands across 200 countries and territories. They have a huge inventory of coolers which are deployed at their customer locations worldwide.

These coolers need to be regularly serviced and assigned to the right location. They also need to be refurbished with stock on a periodic basis so that the inventory of beverages at the customer location is maintained, and business runs seamlessly.

Their Leadership and Business teams required a cost-effective asset management & maintenance application for their coolers. Moving towards digital transformation & innovative processes, they wanted to have a Mobility application for their associates and vendor partners.

Solution Overview:

Using the solution, we tracked the client’s coolers in real-time and assessed when a cooler was moved from its assigned location to a new

The solution consisted of an intelligent preventive maintenance technology which could identify malfunctioning of the coolers & quickly flag them for servicing. The service technicians get assigned automatically based on the SLAs defined by the business teams.

Our Edge Gateway device gathers temperature data from the cooler to derive abnormal cooler behavior and generate actionable alerts through early warning notifications.

It gathers data on cooler utilization through the stocks sold and refurbished, and identifies any idle coolers that can be used for reallocation.

Our Vision Analytics enabled us to maintain the supply /stocks of the coolers on a timely basis.

A native Mobile application hosted and managed these features, enabling suppliers, vendors, technicians and customers to collaborate on the same platform.

Business Benefits:

Early warning notifications helped the technical personnel to undertake corrective actions, enabling the client to reduce maintenance overheads by 20%.

All associates & vendor partners were integrated to the asset management system which tracked customer location & real-time data insights.

There was a 30% reduction in the average cooler downtime because of optimal cooler usage.

The mobile app enhanced their real-time B2B communication and simplified asset tracking.

Product and territory hierarchy inconsistencies were addressed and fixed.

Managers no longer spent hours manually checking on data anomalies and reports, saving time by 30-40%.

The client was able to successfully retrieve numerous stolen assets.

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