Client Introduction & Business Requirement

Our client is a leading newsprint mills company based in South India. Their work floor consisted of 1000 contractors who entered and left the premises without a proper attendance/ security system in place. Their requirements were:

  • Attendance Management
  • Advanced video analytics for security purpose

Solution Overview

Face Recognition & Video Surveillance

Solution Architecture
  • When someone enters the work premises, the camera at the Entry would register his/ her face and map it with the existing employee database using AI powered facial recognition models. Based on his/her entry & exit time, the attendance would be logged.
  • AI-powered 2 Factor Authentication and checking of genuine passage of employees is accomplished by following their in-time and out-time (Facial Recognition & Card Punch).
  • In the scenario where an unauthorized person enters the work floor or a deviation in Facial Recognition occurs, a real-time alert would be sent to the Admin, so immediate action could be taken. The solution also includes the option to save the video for later use.
  • Using the Time Matrix capability, overtime working hours are computed; employees with higher working hours get featured in the final report.
  • All data pertaining to employee attendance is stored in Mongo DB with minimum length stockpiling of 2 years.
  • Web Dashboards with attendance reports were created for the HR Dept. and Admin to perform analysis of employee engagement.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced manual effort of producing and checking employees’ ID card.
  • Following the one-time setup of this solution, employees’ identity & attendance are automatically logged, hence proving to be both a security & attendance management solution.

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