This paper consolidates the workload migration challenges, technology issues and solutions for migrating data and computational workloads from the traditional Big Data Lake to the Serverless Data Lake or Enterprise Data Lake 3.0.

By reading this paper, you will gain thorough insights into why Workload Migration is relevant today, the various approaches for Workload Migration, what you need to consider while deciding which solution works for you and anĀ  overview of our Workload Migration solution MLens.

At Knowledge Lens, we bring our deep expertise in Big Data Engineering and Data Science to the table, enabling the quick adoption of the Enterprise Data Lake 3.0 paradigm.  Our Migration Toolkit, MLens has enabled enterprises not only in their Big Data Migration journey but has also proven to be their all-in-one solution for Big Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Masking.  For further details, email us at or comment down below. Our support team will answer all your queries.

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