Client Introduction:

Our client is a leading US-based telecommunications equipment company that designs and manufactures chips and provides other telecommunication services. During the testing phase of their chip components, they generated large volumes of data that had to be stored and analyzed.

Client Requirements:

Our client wished to derive insights from their data repository to improve their operational efficiency. They also intended to summarize all the details corresponding to their chip, down to  3 factors- Cost, Quality and Schedule- which would allow them to make informed decisions on which parameters were to be maximized and minimized.

Solution Overview:

  • Custom data pipelines were built for real-time ingestion of large volumes of data.
  • The data was processed and enrichment was performed on the data pipeline to generate clean, enriched multi-level JSON document objects.
  • The data that persisted was evaluated based on the rules configured by the user(s).
  • The group program managers were able to obtain real-time complex status of the chip- design test for their team discussions, progress tracking and planning activities.
  • The status dashboards were custom-built, as per the use of the underlying big data.


  • Our client was enabled to implement different calculations on the derived metrics; they could visualize the effects of the changes made in the interface and make a conclusive assessment.
  • User-centricity- Metrics that failed a KPI rule could be waived; in such a case, the user could set a timeline to make the necessary changes.
  • Robust user management- There was a defined abstraction between different user types, with different levels of complexity of user interaction.

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Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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