In the short span of five years since Knowledge Lens’ inception, a lot has changed in the way businesses operate. With the rising demand for data-driven decision- making, fields such as Big Data & AI have been garnering more attention than ever before. And Knowledge Lens has been in the thick of the game.

At Knowledge Lens, nothing brings us greater joy than to facilitate enterprises on their journey to becoming Smart Enterprises. With innovation at our core, we have spent the past five years perfecting our domain specific data ‘lenses’, to accelerate actionable insights from enterprise data.

“Every employee of Knowledge Lens is part of one big family with clearly-defined roles and we stand by each other to share the common dream of performing magic with data.”

Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder and CEO
Year 1 and Year 5 at Knowledge Lens

From going on air with India’s Live Air Quality Index on NDTV, developing a ground-up solution for VISA, to actively enabling life sciences companies across the globe to develop and manufacture life-saving drugs, we have had plenty of defining moments. What roots us is our understanding that every customer’s business processes and structure is unique. That’s why our solutions are designed from the ground up, with a user-focused, domain-specific approach.

Amal Jose, KL’s first employee says, “I have grown along with the company and seen our transition from a home office to where it stands now. Having had no external/ VC funding, I firmly believe that our greatest investment has been our people and their strong, diverse technical capabilities.”

What resonates is the employees’ sound belief in the technology they have helped build. Not surprisingly, they pride in being ‘tech geeks’ who have a custom solution for almost any critical business quandary.

Kumar Chinnakali, tells us about the culture of building, sharing and learning that’s evident at KL; “We KLians, are enabled to contribute value to the company, as the leaders are open to new ideas and are constantly listening. Together, we work towards the company mission, which feels more like a family objective!”

As much as data is critical to the operations at KnowledgeLens, so are its people. A case in point is the Knowledge Lens Academy, a platform for employees to update their industry expertise, with courses in Blockchain Technology, AWS and Hadoop, and soft skills such as Business Communication, Time Management and Etiquette.

Let’s take a moment to look back at the years that were –

What’s in store?

Knowledge Lens has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data & AI. Exciting times are ahead, with AR/VR, Blockchain deployment and Advanced Video Analytics being our latest ventures.

As data connects the dots, making the world a smaller place, the demand for data analytics and AI tech is growing. And so are we… If you are looking for a challenging, learning-focused job in data science and analytics, look no further : Come, join our success story.

Psst, we are soon opening office in UAE.

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