The COVID-19 outbreak has caused most of the software/ IT organizations to adopt the Work from Home model. We understand how working from home can be especially stressful in times like these. The role played by the HR team here is crucial.

In this blog, we would like to share a few of the initiatives the Knowledge Lens team have taken to tide through the crisis. We hope that you will find it useful; don’t forget to leave your feedback in the Comments section below!

During this crisis, some may be accustomed to the WFH model, while others may tend to feel lost. When employees suddenly start working from home, away from their regular office routine, feelings of being lost and unmotivated may creep in. 

However, the key to ensuring employee engagement is Communication. That’s why it’s important to go the extra mile and enable clear channels of communication.  

Keeping all employees engaged is the biggest, most challenging task. It’s also a huge opportunity to build long-term commitment. In other words, improving employee engagement can improve the team’s performance as a whole.

Here’s how we are keeping our employees connected and motivated :

Efficient channels of communication-

When individuals start working from home, it is important that we connect with them more than we would on a regular day. Staying connected and offering motivation will ensure they are well aligned and focused on the work at hand. 

The Agile practice of holding daily stand-up calls becomes very important. This sets the priorities for each day and enables everyone on the team to get together and align with the goals for the day. Setting up face- to face-video calls can get a lot more done than the regular phone call.

Sharing experiences-

One of the best things the team can do to destress, is to share their experiences with each other. Setting up an experience-sharing session could create a huge difference. You’d be surprised to know of your fellow colleagues who have identified unique ways to keep themselves active and productive during the day. Sharing such experiences helps the team connect better and relate to each other’s situations. 

Celebrating birthdays and fun activities-

Virtual birthday celebrations and online fun activities can also go a long way in keeping employees engaged. Working from home should not be a deterrent to such employee engagement activities! 

Apart from this, conducting weekly fun events through online platforms can help destress the team quite well. While invoking participation may be an art, the outcome is worth the experience, once the participation kicks in.

Sharing and enriching hobbies –

While working from home, we may miss the occasional water cooler conversations or the lunch time hangouts with our close buddies. Encouraging and driving employees to share their hobbies (paper art, painting, drawing, gardening etc.) and their creative adventures can be astonishingly rewarding. 

We encouraged our employees to share their hobbies using the hashtag #RemoteworkwithKL. Here are some of the photos that came in-

Appreciating your employees-

And finally, we come to the most important tip- appreciating your employees! This helps build up morale and trust between leaders and employees. No amount of resources can replace this unique appreciation. Conducting a virtual appreciation exercise will go a long way in motivating and rejuvenating the entire company.

Summing Up..

Today, technology and the Internet have taken us to the next level, where almost anything is possible digitally. It is our innovation and drive as an HR Team that creates a positive environment for our employees. So, let’s keep innovating and sharing new ideas. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. 

Let us stand together in the fight against COVID-19!

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