In our previous blog, we discussed how technological innovation is changing the landscape of the COVID-19 era. We reviewed the role of AI, Facial Recognition & Thermal Imaging technologies in enabling a safe and secure future. 

These are challenging times indeed, that call for innovation and adapting to a whole new set of business challenges and demands. As our employees geared up to return to office, we felt the need to build an adaptive, AI powered solution to ensure workplace safety. This is how COVIDProtect was launched- our team of developers worked on a one-stop solution with combined capabilities for Body Temperature Detection, Mask Compliance, Social Distance Monitoring and Attendance Management. 

In this blog post, we will discuss COVIDProtect in more depth and detail. In the next blog post in this series, we will discuss our AI powered PPE Compliance solution that works flexibly with COVIDProtect to provide PPE & COVID-19 compliance in industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Oil & Gas etc.

COVID-19: New Challenges & Business Requirements

  • Need for mask and social distancing compliance in public and privately held premises.
  • Increased demand for body temperature screening and security surveillance via thermal & optical cameras.
  • Increased market awareness and demand for Facial Recognition, Attendance & Security Management solutions.

COVIDProtect- Solution Capabilities

1.Body Temperature & Mask Compliance Monitoring

Enable automated, contactless fever screening with Thermal Cameras. The solution uses Inbuilt Face Detection and Recognition technologies with image storage capacity to keep tabs on those with abnormal temperatures.

Using real-time alarms, security personnel can quickly identify those with fever and restrict their entry into the workplace.

Using Object Detection technology, COVIDProtect facilitates early detection of those without masks and triggers alerts. The solution also generates reports of violators and keeps tabs on repeat offenders with details of place & date.

2. Social Distance Monitoring

Enable a safe environment and monitor Social Distance violation in real-time across offices, malls, stations, industrial sites etc. Violations of the social distance norm of 6 feet is reported through Hooters/ Sound Systems, or Displays with automatic announcements from the system.

Social distance monitoring reports may be reviewed via the COVIDProtect dashboard. These reports include comprehensive details of the employee name and code, violation & violator history, along with an image & video capture of the violation breach with a timestamp.

3.Attendance & Occupancy Management

Enable Contactless Attendance Management with cameras and AI Powered Facial Recognition technologies. COVIDProtect is capable of seamlessly integrating with existing attendance management systems.

When an employee enters the work premises, the camera at the entry registers their face and maps it with the existing employee database using AI- powered Facial Recognition models.

Based on their entry & exit time, the employee’s attendance is logged.

If an unauthorized person enters the work premises, or a deviation in Facial Recognition occurs, a real-time alert is sent to the Admin, so immediate action may be taken. The solution also prevents overcrowding using alerts based on the count of occupants. 

Overtime working hours are auto computed- employees with higher working hours are featured in the final report. The solution also comes equipped with web dashboards where the HR Dept. and Admin can easily access attendance reports.

Why COVIDProtect?

  • ‘End to End’ solution  that includes hardware, software and customization to meet your specific needs.
  • Innovative use of Data Analytics and AI based Video Analytics technologies to address real-world challenges.
  • Highly cost-effective implementation which includes integration with existing hardware and software investments.
  • Free upgrades to Compliance Reporting features as per the latest regulations.
  • Secured Integration of cameras without any public Static IPs.
  • Detailed audit trail of system usages.

Summing Up..

The connectivity and access we have to niche technologies such as AI & Big Data today, is unmatched. There is no better time than now to leverage these technologies to  build a safe and secure workplace that we can all get back to. At Knowledge Lens, we are actively developing and improving our solution offerings to meet the needs of the COVID-19 era. 

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop us a message below or reach out to me at 

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