Today, the rise of Serverless Technology and Modern Cloud Migration has brought about a renewed focus on Automation of Workload Migration from on-premise services such as Hadoop to the modern Cloud Platform. Most enterprises today, realize the need for transitioning their data engineering and data science workloads to Managed Cloud-based Processing. Several factors are responsible for this transition:

  • Big Data pioneers have significantly lost market share, while Microsoft  Azure & other public cloud offerings reported a 200% rise in adoption of its managed Big Data solutions.
  • Cloud providers like Azure and AWS, released reference architectures supporting ‘Serverless Compute’ with Spark as the default compute engine for the Data Lake.
  • Cloud storage costs are comparable to or lesser than on-prem storage cost.

While our first post in this series discussed Migrating from Hadoop to the modern cloud architecture and the rise of Serverless Technology adoption, our second post took a deep dive into understanding the role that MLens plays in enterprises’ migration journey from Hadoop to the Cloud on Databricks.

With MLens, users will experience automation right from the assessment phase to the migration phase, reducing time and effort by over 70% in the entire Big Data Migration journey.

In this post, we will discuss more about MLens, our in-house Migration solution, and our partnership with industry leader, Databricks, that has enriched the migration experience of our customers who have adopted MLens on their Cloud Journey. 

Knowledge Lens is a Key Strategic Partner of Databricks, ensuring the delivery of quality Big Data and AI applications at speed.

What is the role of Databricks?

Databricks provides a unified platform for analytics powered by Apache Spark, so data science and business teams can collaborate better, and build data products. Their vision is to revolutionize the applications of Big Data and AI, and the insights drawn from these technologies.

Knowledge Lens + Databricks

As our implementation partner, Databricks brings us diverse capabilities in fields such as Data Decision, Data Science, Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics (AI/ML). We bring our unique technical expertise in Big Data Analytics and Management, Cloud and Azure, to provide custom solutions that play well with Databricks’ solutions.

  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Reduced logistical complexity
  • Analytics- centered model
  • Global client base

For our customers, this means a single solution for all their key Big Data use cases including Migration, Workload Migration, Automated Disaster Recovery and more. Our customers include global leaders in Management Consulting, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, FMCG & Environmental sectors.

What’s more, MLens is the only tool on the market that can help you recover point-in-time snapshots of data on Hadoop Clusters; it also supports incremental live migration, which is one of the key elements for a successful migration strategy.

Knowledge Lens has been helping our customers on their Big Data Analytics journey right from its inception. Our deep expertise in Big Data Engineering and Data Science has helped enterprises quickly adopt to the Enterprise Data Lake 3.0. We take pride in our world class MLens Migration Toolkit that has been helping enterprises not only in their Big Data Migration journey but also helping them with Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Masking solution.  

For more details and demo of the MLens toolkit, visit us here, or contact us at for a free demo and consultation.

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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