In our previous post on Migrating from Hadoop to the modern cloud architecture, we discussed about the rise of serverless technology adoption and navigating the cloud migration journey. In this post, we will take a deep dive into understanding the role that MLens plays in enterprises’ migration journey from Hadoop to the Cloud on Databricks.

What is MLens?

MLens is an accelerator toolkit from Knowledge Lens which enables automated workload migration from Hadoop (Cloudera/Hortonworks/ MapR distributions) to Databricks. We provide one-time migration utilities to migrate data, metadata and transform computational workloads in Hadoop environment to Databricks Unified Analytics.

Key Capabilities of MLens:

  • Recover point-in-time snapshots of data on Hadoop
  • Perform incremental live migration.

Leverage the experience of several Fortune 500 companies
that have migrated with MLens.

What can MLens do for you?

  • Workload migration from On-Premise Hadoop Distributions to Databricks Cloud.
  • Data migration from on-prem HDFS clusters to use Databricks and Cloud storage (Microsoft Azure Blob).
  • Unique combination of Edit Log Parser and Data Migrator tool, to achieve full and incremental data migration of Hadoop workloads.
  • Perform secure data transfer between multiple Hadoop Clusters having different distributions, versions and Kerberos realms, with no direct connectivity.

“With MLens, users will experience automation right from the assessment phase to the migration phase, reducing time and effort by over 70% in the entire Big Data Migration journey.”

Why MLens?

  • Proven Technology migrating workloads for Fortune 500 companies from static on-prem Hadoop-based Data Lake to Next Generation Serverless Data Lake across various cloud platforms like Azure, over the last 4 years.
  • Automated workload and orchestration migration to target technology based on the cloud native preferences.
  • Highly scalable Live Incremental and Full Migration without any downtime.
  • Comprehensive detailed assessment report that can be leveraged during pre-migration and post-migration.

At Knowledge Lens, we constantly work towards improving our product technologies, so your business can do more for you. Mail us at or visit us here to schedule a demo, and grow your business operations through data- driven decision making, starting today.

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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