We are glad to share with you that Knowledge Lens has partnered with Microsoft to provide Indian SMBs with intelligent Analytics Solutions for Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing verticals  at a nominal pay-as-you-go fee. 

This initiative is part of Microsoft’s Box Offer that is enabling companies to manage their business continuity & accelerate their cloud adoption journeys. The offer provides advanced state-of-the-art technology solutions crafted to address real-world challenges that businesses are facing in these uncertain times. 

MS Box Offer Solution Highlights:

  • Speedy deployment
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Absolute privacy & security
  • Improved infrastructure management

Customers have the ability to customize their package as per their unique business requirements. What’s more, you can engage in a 2 hour workshop led by experts & a 50% discount on POCs for qualified opportunities. 

Intelligent Supply Chain Analytics Solutions

Problems We Help Solve:

  • Reducing time spent on manual checking of Data Anomalies & Reports.
  • Fixing inconsistencies associated with Product and Territory Hierarchy.
  • Real-time alerts and reporting.
  • Reducing overall downtime by 20% by alerting the management with the assets due for maintenance or requiring maintenance.
  • Helping the management in seamlessly tracking all associates and vendors through a simple integration.

Unlock Business Value:

  • Optimize the Supply Chain to produce the right products at the right time and price.
  • End-to-End solution that includes hardware, protocol connectivity & data management.
  • Prebuilt data models, KPIs, AI Models and dashboards to achieve faster implementation and lower costs.

Download the Solution Portfolio >>

Intelligent Sales & Marketing Analytics Solutions

Problems We Help Solve:

  • Achieve better forecasting accuracy for sales.
  • Improve sales in lagging regions by identifying products that are profitable.
  • Optimize inventory based on daily production levels and observe changes in sales distribution patterns.
  • Identify sticky customers and help sales representatives to cross-sell.
  • Optimize pricing and leverage sales teams to achieve better margins.

Unlock Business Value:

  • Prebuilt data models, KPIs, AI Models and dashboards to achieve faster implementation and lower costs.
  • 30% increase in cross-sell opportunities.
  • 20% improvement in margins and deal structures.
  • 10-15% savings from inventory optimization.

 Download the Solution Portfolio >>

Scale operations & drive business transformation with us. Contact us here to get in touch with our solution experts, so we can get talking on the right tools & resources to leverage your business data and analytics.

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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