In recent years, there has been a marked shift towards moving Enterprise Data to the cloud. More and more enterprises have realized the need to shift their Big Data Processing paradigm to Managed Cloud-based Processing. While Big Data pioneers such as Cloudera and MapR have significantly lost market share, the investments in cloud-native offerings has boomed. Serverless Big Data Processing has subsequently, become the default standard, for the future-oriented enterprise.

Let us now take a closer look at MLens, the Big Data Workload Migration Toolkit that can power your migration to Databricks on Azure or AWS, at lightning speed-

What is MLens?

MLens accelerates enterprises to migrate the traditional Big Data workloads from on-prem to cloud native services using a simple migration wizard. It supports migrating to AWS S3 or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 for all types of data (HDFS, RDBMS, Files etc.) You can migrate to Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, Apache Airflow, Databricks Notebooks for Workload Migration and Orchestration. MLens also supports automated migration of Hive Queries, Impala queries to efficient Spark SQL.

With MLens, you can modernize your Enterprise Data Lake to the Serverless Data Lake; here, data, workloads and orchestrations can be automatically migrated to the cloud native infrastructure.

What’s more, MLens is the only tool in the market that can help you recover point-in-time snapshots of data on Hadoop Clusters; it also supports incremental live migration, which is one of the key elements for a successful migration strategy.

Our 5-Step Migration Approach with MLens

Why MLens?

  • Proven technology migrating workloads for Fortune 500 companies over the last 4 years.
  •  Migration wizard that provides a clear impact assessment and migration path for all the workloads that must migrate to the serverless data lake.
  •  High Speed Data Migration over secured clusters, even with no direct access to cloud    infrastructure. 
  • Highly scalable Live Incremental and Full Migration without any downtime. 
  • Comprehensive detailed assessment report that can be leveraged during pre-migration and post-migration.
  •  Automated workload and orchestration migration to target technology based on the cloud native preferences. 
  • Establish Backup and Disaster Recovery solution as required.

Modernize your Enterprise Data Lake to the Serverless Data Lake with MLens

Has MLens piqued your curiosity? Let’s get talking! 

You can try MLens using our free limited-edition license which can migrate 2 TB of data to Amazon S3 or Azure ADLS Gen2 at high speed over secured firewall, without any intermediate data hops.

At Knowledge Lens, we bring our deep expertise in Big Data Engineering and Data Science to the table, enabling the quick adoption of the Enterprise Data Lake 3.0 paradigm.  Our Migration Toolkit, MLens has enabled enterprises not only in their Big Data Migration journey but has also proven to be their all-in-one solution for Big Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Masking.  

You can request for a free demo of our product and solution offerings here. Ask away any questions that you may have in the Comments section below, we are all ears.

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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