Today, Big Data and Analytics form a significant part of the modern enterprise’s digital innovation strategy. In recent years, Hadoop adopters have encountered staggeringly complex processes, poor data reliability, and infrastructure that has become hard to maintain, not to mention excessive costs.

Several enterprises have realized the need to shift their data engineering and data science workloads to Managed Cloud-based Processing. This blog post will take you through the emergence and rising significance of automating workload migration from on-premise services to the modern cloud platform. In the posts to come, we will discuss more about our in-house Migration solution MLens, its benefits, and insights from our customers who have adopted our solution on their Cloud Journey. 

Reasons for Cloud & Serverless Technology Adoption:

  • Big Data pioneers like Cloudera/ Hortonworks and MapR have significantly lost market share, while Microsoft  Azure & other public cloud offerings reported a 200% rise in adoption of its managed Big Data solutions.
  • Cloud providers like Azure and AWS, released reference architectures supporting ‘Serverless Compute’ with Spark as the default compute engine for the Data Lake and Delta Lake.
  • Cloud storage costs are comparable or lesser than on-prem storage cost.
  • Customers’ rising demand for reliable, high-quality cloud data lakes, with flexible pricing.

Due to a combination of these reasons, companies like Databricks and Microsoft Azure have risen in popularity. According to this Databricks report, a customer that migrated from a cloud based Hadoop service to Databricks achieved 50% performance improvement in data processing job runtime, 40% lower monthly infrastructure cost and 200% greater data processing throughput.

Navigating Migration to the Cloud

Based on our product team’s experience working with data migration projects, we at Knowledge Lens, recommend a ‘5 phase’ approach to this migration. This approach provides for a predictable outcome with the least risk to business, security, compliance and performance.

Our 5-Step Migration Approach

How can Knowledge Lens help in migrating to the Modern Cloud Architecture? 

We take pride in our world class Migration Toolkit, MLens that has been helping enterprises not only on their Big Data Migration journey but also helping them with Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Masking. 

What is MLens?

 MLens is an accelerator toolkit from Knowledge Lens which enables automated workload migration from Hadoop (Cloudera/Hortonworks/MapR distributions) to Databricks.  Unlike other tools in the market, MLens enables transparent accessibility of migrated assets so developers can review and make necessary amendments.     


MLens1.0 enables incremental migration of data from Hadoop to a scalable storage engine like Azure Blob. MLens1.0 also provides data ingestion utilities to ingest data from Operational Data Sources / Realtime sources into Databricks platform compatible BLOB storage in respective cloud environments.  These utilities can be seamlessly integrated into existing data pipeline orchestration technologies like Airflow/Autosys/Informatica, which are widely popular.  


MLens2.0 provides one-time migration utilities to migrate data, metadata and transform computational workloads in Hadoop environment to Databricks Unified Analytics. 

MLens is designed and purpose built for migrating enterprises to the Serverless Data Lake Architecture. It provides a range of toolsets that help in this migration: 

✓ High Speed Data Migration Tool 

✓ Migration Impact Assessment Toolkit 

✓ Automated Migration Assistant for Impala, Hive, Drill SQL and SparkSQL 

✓ Migration toolkit for Orchestration tools Oozie to Airflow, Azure Data Factory or AWS Data Pipeline. 

✓ Migration Compare Tool that compares Data, Metadata, Workload performance and datasets.

Knowledge Lens has been helping our customers on their Big Data Analytics journey right from its inception. Our deep expertise in Big Data Engineering and Data Science has helped enterprises quickly adopt the Cloud Platform. 

The MLens toolkit is built specifically for enterprises to move to the Cloud or Serverless architecture. For more details and demo of these toolkits, visit us here

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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