MLens is Knowledge Lens’ one-stop solution for enterprises’ big data requirements. With Big Data Backup, Automated Disaster Recovery, Data Ingestion, Compression, Encryption, and Archival capabilities, our solution has proven to deliver absolute control over enterprise data, its storage, analysis and recovery.

This seven-part blog series will take you through the different scenarios where MLens was deployed in our clients’ organizations, to solve their business challenges, and add value to all on board. In this post, we will look into our client’s requirement for secure, end-end cluster backup and recovery.

Business Challenge:

Our client required full and incremental backup and recovery options for their Hadoop data. In addition to this, they wanted to safeguard their data in the case of a natural calamity. They had set up Cloud Data Distribution for their data management, but wanted a full backup of these operations. Their requirement was for backup of not just the data, but the respective cluster information ie; the distribution information of each Hadoop cluster. Thus, the desired backup would be an exact replica of the source cluster, along with the data configuration details.

The Knowledge Lens Solution:

The MLens team deployed a solution wherein we set up full and incremental backup operations for their:

  1. HDFS data
  2. HDFS Snapshot data
  3. RDBMS data
  4. Configurations of Cloud Data Manager

What’s more, it included a Restore feature, with inbuilt reports to compare files loaded, identify failures during the process, and assess mismatches. The backup included crucial permission information as well.

Why Knowledge Lens?

“The MLens solution provided full and incremental backup that was an exact replica of the source cluster, along with crucial data configuration details. The inbuilt Reports feature allowed for quick assessment of failed loading, saving time and effort.”

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Contributors: Sayantan Ray, MLens Technology Lead

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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