With the information explosion upon us, enterprise operations have seen a sea change in recent years. There has been a rising demand for data-driven business insights, and Big Data Analytics plays a large part in shaping the future of enterprise. For enterprise-level businesses, this means focusing their energies on custom solutions built from the ground up to adapt to their unique ecosystem and solve their challenges.

MLens is Knowledge Lens’ one-stop solution for enterprises’ big data requirements. With Big Data Backup, Automated Disaster Recovery, Data Ingestion, Compression, Encryption, and Archival capabilities, our solution has proven to deliver absolute control over your enterprise data, its storage, analysis and recovery.

This blog series will take you through the different scenarios where MLens was deployed in our clients’ organizations, to solve their business challenges, and add value to all on board. In the first post of our seven-part series, we’ll take a deep dive into our client, a global payment company’s requirement for scalable, secure and reliable Data Masking and Data Transfer.

Business Challenge

Moving a subset of data from Production to Test Environments for Performance Testing, Pre-Production testing is a common scenario in any enterprise. However, this is not an easy task to achieve due to the following challenges:

     a. Sensitive data that exists in the Product data cannot be copied to Test Environments, without proper data masking.

     b. Production Clusters are usually isolated from Test Clusters, with no direct connectivity between clusters. So, traditional methods would involve landing the data into an intermediate storage, and then copying it to Test Environments.

     c. When large datasets were required to be transferred, the intermediate storage option quickly becomes a bottleneck.

     d. Speed for data transfer is key when working with Large datasets. 

As traditional data copying tools don’t solve these big data challenges, we created MLens, the world’s fastest secured copying tool across secured clusters.

The Knowledge Lens Solution

After our client shared their architecture and topology, we deployed a solution wherein the data transfer worked through a Relay Server, without the need for any intermediary storage. Data would move from one intermediary node to the next. With multiple intermediary nodes in place, we solved the challenge of lack of connectivity between Clusters.

The data transfer also allows for the compression of files, following which the file format remains unchanged. What’s more, MLens allows for custom data parallelism, so the client may choose to skip columns of data that don’t require masking, mention the ranges for masking, and so on.

Why Knowledge Lens?

There are ample solution providers who enable Data Masking and Data Transfer. But how does Knowledge Lens’ MLens solution differ from others in the market?

Rupak Das, the Product Technology Lead of MLens, says, “We make use of intermediary nodes during data masking & transfer, something that other solution providers do not use. Our solution also has the unique ability to perform simultaneous Data Masking and Transfer, hence completing the job in flash speed. The transfer process supports custom masking, thus handing over the controls to the client themselves.”

“In the case of sensitive data transfer from one environment to another, it is of due importance that the process remains secure and fast. By providing a highly agile and custom solution, MLens enabled its client to have full control over their data transmission, masking and compression.”

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Contributors: Sayantan Ray, MLens Technology Lead

Sneha Mary Christall

Marketing and Brand Manager, Knowledge Lens.

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